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say that soft skills are equally important or more important than technical skills. – The Wall Street Journal



say that it is difficult to find people
with soft skills.
– The Wall street Journal



of employees would stay at a company
if it invested in their career. 
– Linkedin Workplace Learning Report

“People skills are more and more important in an era where we have powerful and pervasive technology. It sounds counter intuitive, but to beat the bot, you need to be more human.” 

Paul Roehrig
Chief Strategy Officer, Cognizant Digital Business

In the era of digitalization when the world in moving towards automatization means using machinery or other technology to allow processes to take place without human input or work. 

Soft skills like communication, problem solving, collaboration, and empathy are becoming more valued than technology.

62% of employers rate soft skills as very important, according to CareerBuilder. But a recent survey by the Wall Street Journal found that 89% of executives are having a difficult time finding people with these qualities.As machines do more routinized and lower-value-add work, more people are needed to work in context of what automation and AI cannot do

daKsya is born out to fulfill this need which industry is facing to upskill or re-skill their employees and bridge the soft skill gap. We are known for our practical & experienced workshops which enhance your employee soft skills. We customized solutions as per your requirements which suits to your organization & people needs.

if you haven’t upped your emphasis on soft skills, maybe it’s time to rethink your workplace strategy. Enhancing employees soft skills boosts productivity and retention by 12%, delivering a 256% return on investment, according to a study from the University of Michigan.

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It was my pleasure to get associated with Mr Rohit. I have attended training sessions of his on Sales Competencies. His Session are very practical and easy to implement.

These sessions have personally helped me in shaping up my career and for becoming the kind of person I am today.

I would recommend Mr Rohit any day and would vouch for his capabilities on training Sales People. I would wish him the best always and look up to him as an inspiration.
Naga Chaitanya
Sales Consultant , Aristostar UAE
“Rohit is drive and motivation personified. He has built his forte of 'sales training' with care and persistent efforts.

Our team has undergone his Sales Superhero Course and now we are exceeding our sales numbers.

My thanks & best wishes to Rohit.”
Vijay Kumar
AGM at Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited