Extended DISC for Sales Success

DISCerning Sales Strategies: Enhancing Performance with Extended DISC

Provide your sales team with the skills, tactics, and tools to grow account revenue.

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Equip your team to understand effectively with clients

In today’s competitive sales landscape, understanding and adapting to diverse customer personalities is crucial for success. Sales professionals struggle to understand and connect with different customer personalities, leading to miscommunication and lost opportunities. They use a one-size-fits-all approach, which can alienate potential clients and reduce the effectiveness of their sales pitches.

This lack of adaptability can result in lower conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Additionally, poor understanding of team dynamics can hinder collaboration and overall sales performance.

Access, Engage, and secure your strategic accounts

Growth demands more than a strategic mindset and new tactics. 

The real success starts with equipping your team to excel in serving your most important accounts.

Extended DISC for Sales Success

The “EDISC for Sales Success” 2-day immersive program equips sales professionals with essential tools to leverage the DISC personality model. Participants learn to identify and adapt to EDISC profiles, enhancing communication and building rapport with customers. The program covers advanced techniques for handling sales scenarios, crafting personalized messages, and improving team dynamics. Through interactive sessions, role-playing, and practical exercises, attendees gain actionable insights to boost their sales performance. The program includes comprehensive EDISC assessment tools, detailed handouts, and access to an exclusive online support community.

The program covers advanced techniques for handling sales scenarios, crafting personalized messages, and improving team dynamics. Through interactive sessions, role-playing, and practical exercises, attendees gain actionable insights to boost their sales performance.

Learning Objectives

After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Identify and Adapt: Participants will be able to identify DISC personality profiles in themselves and others, adapting their sales approach to effectively communicate and build rapport with different personality types.
  • Enhanced Sales Communication: Develop advanced communication skills tailored to each DISC profile, enabling participants to craft personalized sales messages that resonate with customers.
  • Strategic Sales Planning: Apply DISC insights to strategically plan and navigate sales scenarios, including handling objections and closing deals more effectively.
  • Team Collaboration: Understand DISC dynamics within sales teams, foster better collaboration, and leverage team strengths to maximize sales performance.
  • Continuous Improvement: Create a personalized action plan using DISC strategies learned during the program, with access to resources and a supportive community for ongoing professional development.

Who Should Attend

  • New Business Development Professionals
  • Key Account Managers, Global Account Managers, Strategic Account Managers, and Major Account Managers
  • All those on the Key Account Support Team
  • Senior Sales Staff and Account Managers with an interest in Key Account Management

Duration : onsite 2 days, online- 2.5 hours x 8 sessions

Course Contents

Value Selling Fundamentals

Introduction to the EDISC Model

Benefits of using EDISC in sales

different personality

Identifying Your EDISC Style

Strengths and challenges of each EDISC type in sales


Understanding Your Customers' EDISC Styles

different personality

Adapting Your Sales Strategy to EDISC Profiles

Persuasive communication

Communication strategies for each EDISC type


Building Rapport with EDISC

Deep dive into blending and flexing styles


Crafting tailored sales messages for each EDISC type


Presentation skills for different personality styles

Overcoming objection

How to handle objections based on EDISC types


EDISC in Complex Sales Scenarios


Leveraging EDISC for team collaboration and performance

Feedback and coaching on EDISC-based sales techniques

Flexible Delivery Options

onsite training

Onsite Sessions

All programs are based on research-based proven curriculum and include participant workbooks, fieldwork, tools, techniques, and planners.

Virtual training

Virtual Instructor Led Sessions

Our live online workshops feature highly engaging facilitators, limited class sizes, and many interactions, such as video, chats, polls, exercises, breakout room activities, role plays, and group discussions.

Hybrid training

Hybrid Session

Our hybrid modality blends on-site and Online sessions to suit your needs. Highly engaging and cost-effective.

World-Class Facilitators

We’re proud to have top-tier facilitators. Consistently, we receive feedback such as: ‘It was the most effective training our company has ever experienced.

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Exceptionally dynamic, personable, and unforgettable.


Focus on practical, real-world training that counts.


Create vibrant, interactive, and engaging learning experiences


Frequently referred to by clients as “the best trainers ever.”

What are the Benefits of Our Sales Training Program?


Higher ROI on the time invested in the field


Increase account share


Reduce account attrition

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