Transformative Sales Training That Truly Delivers Results

Struggling with low win rates, excessive discounting, or tough negotiations?

Here’s the crux of the matter: your team needs better sales training.

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Research shows that 47% of salespeople close less than half of their potential deals.

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According to Forbes magazine, 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills.

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50% higher net sales per employee if continuous training is provided.  – The American Society for Training and Development

Your company isn’t the only one facing these challenges. Research shows that 47% of salespeople close less than half of their potential deals.

They regularly fall short of sales quotas and see a high number of opportunities slip away or stall.

Even more concerning, profit margins are shrinking as reps rely heavily on aggressive discounting to secure deals.

Weak selling skills pose a more severe business issue than you might think.

In today’s dynamic market, sales skills are more critical than ever. The rapid influx of new competitors and the vast availability of information to customers have reshaped the landscape. The traditional advantages of likeability, relationships, and industry knowledge are no longer sufficient for success.

Transform your team into elite performers, trusted advisors, and expert negotiators .... through modern, researched, fact-based tools and techniques sales skills training that delivers lasting results.

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Empower your sales team and watch your business thrive. At daKsya, we specialize in delivering world-class sales training tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our programs are not just training sessions—they are strategic investments in your team’s ongoing success. Designed for adult learners, our customizable and goal-focused courses ensure your team masters the skills needed to excel.

Partner with daKsya to cultivate a culture of sales excellence and drive unparalleled results.

Sales Training Programs

We don’t teach your salespeople to sell. We teach them how people buy.

Sell Like an Expert

Sell Like an Expert

Value Selling  – Accelerating Sales Success through Value-Centric Sales

  • Lead value sales conversations
  • Uncover buyer needs using value questions
  • Craft compelling value proposition
  • Differentiate your solution from the competition
  • Make impact cases that win sales
key Account Manager

Key Account Management

Beyond Transactions: Building Partnerships through Key Account Excellence

  • Grow, expand, and retain your vital and high-potential accounts
  • Defend key accounts from competitive threats
  • Optimize sales across your complete range of solutions
  • Develop an account strategy and execution plan to grow business
  • Manage difficult conversations
Sales prospecting

Sales Prospecting

Unlocking Opportunities: Strategic Approaches to Successful Sales Prospecting

  • Maintain a robust pipeline filled with high-quality opportunities
  • Utilize pipeline metrics to enhance prospecting effectiveness
  • Use a proven prospecting process to engage prospects and gain access
  • Develop an engaging campaign to attract and generate leads
  • Harness best practices in email, video, phone, and social media for effective prospecting
Sales Negotiation

Sales Negotiation

Precision in Persuasion: Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills for Sales Triumph

  • Drive negotiations by emphasizing the value proposition
  • Maintain high margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction
  • Counter manipulative negotiating tactics
  • Create strong agreements with buyers to solidify deals
  • Leverage hidden power in negotiations
Selling to C- Suite

Selling to C- Suite

  • Change their mindset from “vendor” to trusted advisor
  • Align closely with the goals and priorities of senior leadership
  • Leverage three strategies to gain access to the C-suite
  • Prepare an executive-level sales presentation
  • Create an action plan to apply skills to their own accounts
Virtual selling

Virtual Selling

  • Excel at influencing and convincing buyers in virtual sales scenarios
  • Navigate the complexities of virtual sales conversations adeptly
  • Engage in productive collaboration with buyers in virtual settings
  • Become proficient in utilizing virtual sales technologies
  • Deliver an engaging virtual sales presentation
Sales Management

Sales Management

  • From Strategy to Execution: Elevating Sales Management for Maximum Impact

    • Lead inspiring and strategic dialogues with their teams
    • Develop your leadership skills and leadership style
    • Strategize and optimize sales territory planning
    • Source, interview, and hire top-notch sales professionals
    • Overcome resistance to coaching
sales coach

Sales Coaching

Empowering Excellence: Leading Through Effective Sales Coaching Strategies

  • Boost salesperson motivation and performance to optimal levels
  • Facilitate engaging and results-driven coaching conversations
  • Craft tailored plans for effective sales coaching initiatives
  • Ask great coaching questions
  • Assess and cultivate salesperson skills for continuous improvement
DISC Selling

Extended DISC for Sales Success

DISCerning Sales Strategies: Enhancing Performance with Extended DISC

  • Increase self-awareness of personal selling style
  • Identify style traits in prospective customers.
  • Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style
  • Effective Objection Handling to suits client needs
  • Better internal and external Client Communication
EI sales

Emotional intelligence for sales

The Power of EQ: Driving Sales Success through Emotional Intelligence

  • Enhanced self-awareness for identifying personal strengths and weaknesses in sales.
  • Strategies to sustain motivation and resilience throughout sales cycles.
  • Utilization of empathy to foster trust and loyalty with clients.
  • Increased effectiveness in managing client objections and concerns.
  • Integration of EI into team dynamics to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Flexible Delivery Options

onsite training

Onsite Sessions

All programs are based on research-based proven curriculum and include participant workbooks, fieldwork, tools, techniques, and planners.

Virtual training

Virtual Instructor Led Sessions

Our live online workshops feature highly engaging facilitators, limited class sizes, and many interactions, such as video, chats, polls, exercises, breakout room activities, role plays, and group discussions.

Hybrid training

Hybrid Session

Our hybrid modality blends on-site and Online sessions to suit your needs. Highly engaging and cost-effective.

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