Customer Service Mindset

Duration : 2 days

Customer service will make or break your company. In fact, businesses lose approximately $41 billion a year due to poor customer service. Of course, the product or service provided also matters. The best combination is to have excellent customer service for an exceptional product; however, customer service is so important that even a superior product accompanied by poor customer service will often fail in the long run. The hard truth is 

that people will look for alternatives that are delivered in a professional and appealing manner. 

This practical course will provide you and your organisation with an overview of the best practice skills required to exceed your customers’ expectations. You will have the opportunity to observe and practise live customer handling skills and leave the course with a personal action plan for delighting customers, both internal and external.

Learning Objectives

After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Examine the effects of good and bad customer service on customer loyalty
  • Adopted a consistent, professional style when speaking with customers
  • Recognize how a change in your behaviour can increase customer loyalty
  • Developed skills in engaging with customers and handling their enquiries effectively
  • Listened effectively, asked questions and summarized to respond fully to a customer request
  • Manage customer expectations and demands effectively.
  • Practiced how to turn customer service disappointment into a positive experience
  • Deliver a first class customer experience within a range of different situations.
  • Identified ways they can add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations

Who Should Attend

  • This course is ideal for anyone who is  in customer service, customer care, customer facing or customer support roles, who want to develop their customer service skills and behaviours.