Business Writing Skills

Duration : 2 days

Business writing is a form of professional writing carried out in organizations to communicate with internal and external audiences. Business communication must be clear, concise and coherent. Most importantly, it must be easily understood by the recipient and the message must be simple and direct. Business writing course at Koenig aims to deliver training and skills on writing professional content that is user friendly.

This business writing course is designed to help you acquire accurate and precise writing skills. Developing your writing skills is an essential career move. 

If you can write well-presented, concise, and clear business documents, your ideas and arguments appear professional and credible.

Learning Objectives

After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Speed up the writing process when writing business documents
  • Organise your ideas and conclusions coherently when writing
  • Develop a professional, reader-friendly written style when writing
  • Expand your range of language when writing business documents
  • Edit your own and others’ business writing more effectively
  • Improve the presentation of your business writing

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted at

  • Employees,
  • Supervisors,
  • Middle managers and
  • Senior managers

seeking to take their communication skills to the next level by developing writing  techniques and strategies