Sales Negotiation Skills

Precision in Persuasion: Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills for Sales Triumph

Provide your sales team with the skills, tactics, and tools to keep profitability, and customer satisfaction high.

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Buyers say nearly 88% of the salespeople they eventually buy from are “trusted advisors.” (linkedin)

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73% of Top Performers find presenting multiple offers simultaneously they value equally very effective. . (rain Group)

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Win rates are highest when pricing is discussed in the first call (Gong)

sales team

People Buy From People

Most account managers are primarily involved in managing the existing business.

They tend to react to current needs, struggle to connect with the right prospects and fully leverage opportunities, and often find prioritizing their time a challenge.

Prepare, Exchange, and Bargain for Profits

Growth demands more than a strategic mindset and new tactics. 

 The real success starts with equipping your team to excel in understanding what is truly important to the buyer, 

a negotiation outcome that delivers the most value, without unnecessary concessions.

Value Negotiation Skills

To sustain high margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction, sellers must master the art of negotiation. In today’s landscape, where buyers are discerning and prioritize value, negotiations often play a crucial role in securing favorable terms. Effective negotiation empowers buyers to fulfill their objectives and efficiently allocate resources. Simultaneously, it empowers sellers to safeguard margins, profitability, and customer trust. Successful negotiations foster collaborative solutions that benefit both parties and nurture enduring business relationships.

Learning Objectives

After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Equip your team to quantify and articulate value effectively, minimizing the need for discounts.
  • Master the nuances of planning and executing successful sales negotiations with precision.
  • Learn advanced techniques to identify and leverage both positions and interests in negotiations.
  • Unlock the hidden potential within negotiations to gain an edge and achieve superior outcomes.
  • Gain expertise in identifying and capitalizing on negotiable issues to enhance deal-making.
  • Establish clear parameters and strategically sequence offers to maximize acceptance rates.
  • Acquire insights into employing four distinct negotiating styles to suit different scenarios.
  • Develop the skills to deftly counter manipulative tactics and maintain negotiation control.

Who Should Attend

  • New Business Development Professionals
  • Key Account Managers, Global Account Managers, Strategic Account Managers, and Major Account Managers
  • All those on the Key Account Support Team
  • Senior Sales Staff and Account Managers with an interest in Key Account Management

Duration : onsite 2 day, online- 2.5 hours x 8 sessions

Course Contents

Value Selling Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Value Negotiation

Models Of Negotiation


Traits of Good Negotiator

Negotiation Styles

Persuasive communication

Persuasive Communication


Stakeholders Mapping

Leading the Negotiation Process

protecting Money

Managing Your BATNA

Building Value

Building Value in Negotiations


The Power game

different personality

Negotiating With Different Personality


Handling Common Buyer Negotiation Tactics


Managing Emotions in Negotiations

Trade, Don't Cave


6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation

Flexible Delivery Options

onsite training

Onsite Sessions

All programs are based on research-based proven curriculum and include participant workbooks, fieldwork, tools, techniques, and planners.

Virtual training

Virtual Instructor Led Sessions

Our live online workshops feature highly engaging facilitators, limited class sizes, and many interactions, such as video, chats, polls, exercises, breakout room activities, role plays, and group discussions.

Hybrid training

Hybrid Session

Our hybrid modality blends on-site and Online sessions to suit your needs. Highly engaging and cost-effective.

World-Class Facilitators

We’re proud to have top-tier facilitators. Consistently, we receive feedback such as: ‘It was the most effective training our company has ever experienced.

personable Training

Exceptionally dynamic, personable, and unforgettable.


Focus on practical, real-world training that counts.


Create vibrant, interactive, and engaging learning experiences


Frequently referred to by clients as “the best trainers ever.”

What are the Benefits of Our Sales Training Program?


Higher ROI on the time invested in the field


Increase account share


Reduce account attrition

Trusted Worldwide By Clients

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