Communication Barriers cost the average organization $62.4 million per year in lost productivity by David Grossman.(Source: SHRM). Companies with effective communication skills produced a 47 % higher increase in their productivity

Communication is very important to any business its like oxygen is to living beings. If you want to get work done, take decision or reach out to your customer you have to communicate. Absolutely everything you do in the workplace requires some form of communication, whether that be a manual job, an office job, meeting customer or a job where you’re travelling frequently.  The benefits of effective communication in the workplace are increased productivity, decreased employee conflicts and improved customer relationships.

The bottom line is that good communication isn’t just about being able to more accurately and concisely present information and ideas. It’s also not just about mitigating conflict or creating a more positive team environment. Communication is integral to sales, client relationships, team development, company culture, employee engagement and buy-in, and innovative thought.

We work as a catalyst with organizations to deliver business results and increased productivity thru their front line to Senior management by effective inspiring communication.

Duration: 2 Days

In business every conversation is a presentation.

Duration: 2 Days

Communication is the heart of every organisation.

Duration: 2 Days

Being assertive is being clear about your opinions, wants and feelings so that they are understood by others.

Duration: 1 Day

As workplaces become busier, and organizational change becomes the norm, the art of effective listening becomes all the more valuable.

Duration: 2 Days

Some believe that successfully navigating relationships is an inherent quality that can’t be learned—but this is not true.

Duration: 2 Days

Business writing is a form of professional writing carried out in organizations to communicate with internal and external audiences.