Selling to C- Suite

Beyond Transactions: Building Partnerships through Key Account Excellence

Provide your sales team with the skills, tactics, and tools to Sell to C- Suite

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There is a 81% drop in C-Suite meetings from 1st meeting to 2nd meeting  ( )

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ITSMA survey say executive engagement is more important to sales strategy than it was two years ago (ITSMA)

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more than 90% of C-level executives said they ‘never’ respond to cold calls or e-mail blasts (HBR)

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Farmers Don’t Hunt

Most account managers are primarily involved in managing the existing business.

They tend to react to current needs, struggle to connect with the right prospects and fully leverage opportunities, and often find prioritizing their time a challenge.

Access, Engage, and Commit with CXO's

Growth demands more than a strategic mindset and new tactics. 

The real success starts with equipping your team to excel in Mastering The CXO’s Discussion

CXO'S Conversation

Reaching leadership is more complex than ever. While gatekeepers remain, today’s corporate buyers have additional layers of influencers and stakeholders in the buying process. Accessing senior executives, who control budgets and possess decision-making authority, is crucial for closing big deals swiftly.

To excel in top-tier sales, professionals need to be relevant, provide new insights, and speak the C-Suite’s language. Selling to Key Executives trains sales professionals to transition from product-focused discussions to addressing the strategic concerns and priorities of senior executives.

Learning Objectives

After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Transform their approach from “vendor” to trusted advisor and strategic partner
  • Engage effectively with hard-to-reach senior executives
  • Pinpoint critical issues that matter to C-level executives
  • Implement three effective strategies to gain access
  • Design impactful executive-level sales presentations
  • Create a detailed action plan to apply these skills to their own accounts

Who Should Attend

  • Sales Professionsals
  • Account Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Inside Sales Representatives
  • Other professionals with sales responsibilities

Duration : onsite 3 days, online- 2.5 hours x 10 sessions

Course Contents

Value Selling Fundamentals

Principles of Selling to Senior Executives

Identifying What Matters Most to Senior Executives


Diagnose your alignment with a current account/ opportunity


Understand what Key Executives value most from sales professionals

need discovery

Research Key Executives to increase your credibility

different personality

Techniques for Securing Access to Senior Executives

Qualifying the sale

Leverage existing and new relationships to gain access

Persuasive communication

Cultivating a Strong Executive Presence


Preparing Diligently for Sales Meetings


Build rapport and credibility with Key Executive


Applying Interaction Insight to Influence Buyer Perspectives


Buyer Change Blueprint

presenting to win

Create a value presentation for a Key Executive


Manage potential challenges and objections


Facilitating Productive Executive-Level Sales Meetings

Flexible Delivery Options

onsite training

Onsite Sessions

All programs are based on research-based proven curriculum and include participant workbooks, fieldwork, tools, techniques, and planners.

Virtual training

Virtual Instructor Led Sessions

Our live online workshops feature highly engaging facilitators, limited class sizes, and many interactions, such as video, chats, polls, exercises, breakout room activities, role plays, and group discussions.

Hybrid training

Hybrid Session

Our hybrid modality blends on-site and Online sessions to suit your needs. Highly engaging and cost-effective.

World-Class Facilitators

We’re proud to have top-tier facilitators. Consistently, we receive feedback such as: ‘It was the most effective training our company has ever experienced.

personable Training

Exceptionally dynamic, personable, and unforgettable.


Focus on practical, real-world training that counts.


Create vibrant, interactive, and engaging learning experiences


Frequently referred to by clients as “the best trainers ever.”

What are the Benefits of Our Sales Training Program?


Higher ROI on the time invested in the field


Increase account share


Reduce account attrition

Trusted Worldwide By Clients

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