How we work

We offer Bespoke solutions.

Learning initiatives should be well planned and focused in alignment with the business strategy   and bring the desired result which the organization want to achieve. With this believe we offer bespoke learning solutions to our customers.

The success of any learning initiative depends of the correct diagnosis. We work together with our customer to analyses the competency gap. We recommend the learning intervention or strategies that will address these needs. Inputs are collected by the following methods.

–Face to face / telephonic interviews with key stakeholders

–Field Visits


–Mystery Audits

–Study of relevant internal data

Inputs collected by above methods are analyzed and the insights are used to tailormade interventions which suits your people’s specific development needs and the results organization want to achieve.

We believe that most of our learning comes from experience & hands on practice, this is deliver through our Active Learning Workshops. We use various learning methodologies to suit the learning objective & learners’ profile.

–Like Role Plays

–Case Studies

–Group Discussions



–Individual & Team exercise


–Individual Development Plans – Structured Development plans for Individual’s

–Coaching Calls – Telephonic calls to support the participants

–Follow-up Mails – Follow up emails to reinforce the learning

We follow the Kirkpatrick model for Training evaluation.