Hi-Impact Presentation

Duration : 2 days

In business every conversation is a presentation. Every meeting, every one-to-one, every time your people speak to others – virtually and face-to-face, they’re presenting. Whether the setting’s formal or informal, internal or external, being skilled at public speaking is a must-have not a nice-to-have – it’s essential. Mumbling in a monotone or simply reading from slides isn’t acceptable or professional.  Only a small number of people find public speaking easy, but everyone can learn not only to endure presenting but to enjoy it. 

Success depends upon being able to present ideas concisely and clearly with confidence and conviction – whether it’s a regular team meeting, a major sales pitch or an update to the board.  Develop your presentation skills to transform yourself from inexperienced speaker to skilled presenter through planning and practice. Learn how to captivate your audience and improve at presenting your ideas with conviction, control and without fear.

Learning Objectives

After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Understand how to develop the ‘wow’ factor and be more charismatic
  • Know how to use stories, examples and analogies to inspire others and get key messages across
  • Have new ideas for making complex material simple, easy to understand and engaging
  • Know how to present effectively to larger groups and more difficult audiences
  • Be able to communicate with more authority, gravitas and presence – even in challenging situations
  • Use relaxation techniques to overcome nervousness
  • Expertly handle difficult questions and situations

Who Should Attend

  • If you are a business professional who needs to develop their presentation skills, speak in front of groups, pitch ideas to colleagues or management, or have little or no experience presenting in public, this programme is for you