Effective Business Communication

Duration : 2 days

Communication is the heart of every organisation. Everything you do in the workplace results from communication. Depending on the nature of your profession. If you work in a team or interact with customers or other people. You often find the certain situations which are challenging to handle, this is where having effective communication skills become handy.

You can’t be successful without great communication skills in professional life or in business.

Learning Objectives

After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Identify key elements and principles of communication
  • Describe their own communication strengths and growth areas
  • Prepare a clear and informative piece of written communication
  • Identify common communication problems that may be holding you back
  • Learn what your non-verbal messages are telling others
  • Develop skills in listening actively and empathetically to others

Who Should Attend

  • This course is targeted at

    • Employees,
    • Supervisors,
    • Middle managers and
    • Senior managers

    seeking to take their communication skills to the next level by developing communication techniques and strategies