About us

daKsya learning solutions is an end to end training provider. We are Passionate , Determined & Dedicated to deliver result oriented  learning solutions which unleashes the potential of the Individual & Organizations.

daKsya training courses and workshops have been designed to provide business professionals the skills they need to develop their competency, improve their performance, and drive business success. Our talented team of facilitators have exceptional credentials that are complemented by practical, real-world experience.

Our expertise is to create Experience through various learning methodologies like- Music, Painting, Games, Theater, Cooking & Simulations,

Our motto:

“Learn with FUN”


To Ignite Keen Minds, Energies Kinetic Potential, and Unleash Knowledge for Excellence.


To Empower Competence, Embrace Fun-filled Learning - Where the Journey of Learning Becomes the Path to Earning Success!".